Response measures of IP BRICS offices to the COVID-19 crisis   
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INPI Deadlines Ordinance 120/2020: suspending deadlines for all INPI services from March 16 to April 14. PortariaINPI120_2020.pdf
Ordinance 161/2020: extending the measure up to April 30. PortariaINPIn161_2020ProrrogaodeprazosCovid_19.pdf
Ordinance 166/2020: extending it up to May 15. PortariaINPI166_2020.pdf
Exam priority Ordinance 149/2020: launched on April 7,allows INPI to prioritize the examination of patent applications related to innovations that can be used to combat the new pandemic of coronavirus,will be valid until June 30, 2021. CovidPortaria149de03.04.20RPI2570de07.04.20.pdf
Tutoring Encouraging new patents in the country in the fight against Covid-19 with tutoring activities in patent drafting, to collaborate so that technologies developed in universities and research centers related to this disease can be patented more efficiently and faster.
Technological information INPI launched the " Observatory Covid-19", as one of the initiatives to collaborate in the local development of new technologies to combat the disease. The goal is to spread technologies that can help to cope with the situation, including vaccines, medicines, diagnostic tests, masks and health equipment. Initiatives on funding and incentives for research in this area are also being launched.
Every day, a group of researchers from the Institute accompany studies and initiatives related to treatment, prevention and diagnosis in COVID-19 around the world. The information is published in the form of summaries prepared by the researchers, accompanied by links to access the complete content directly from the source on the Internet. The page dedicated to the Observatory can be accessed from the INPI website.
Teleworking All staff have been teleworking since March 16, 2020,as authorized by Administrative Rule 119/2020. PortariaINPI119_2020.pdf
Office Response measures Content URL
Rospatent Deadlines The deadlines for applicants and owners of IP rights (patents, trademarks, registered designs, geographical indications) have been extended. The same approach is applied regarding the payment of fees.In accordance with the Executive Orderson Measures to Ensure the Sanitary and Epidemiological Safety of the Population in connection with the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) non-working days were declared since March 30 till April 30, since May 6 to May 8. May 1-5, 9-11 are public holidays. The Civil Code of the Russian Federation has a provision that the deadline is supposed to be met if the actions are taken during the nearest working day (as of April 29, the nearest working day is May 12, 2020).The timelines are set by federal laws and Governmental acts. Currently Rospatent jointly with the Ministry of economic development works on developing relevant amendments to the legislature to provide legal grounds for further extension of deadlines for applicants.
International application Rospatent, in its function as the International Searching Authority (ISA/RU) and the International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA/RU), has changed the procedure for sending PCT notifications, international search reports, written communications, and international preliminary examination reports to applicants starting from March 30, 2020.
PCT applicants can obtain complete information about the processing of their international applications, including a review of the international search report and the opinion letters (ISA/RU) by using the ePCT service offered by WIPO. Applicants who are not yet using the ePCT service are encouraged to create an appropriate account.
Other procedural information will be communicated to applicants from the ISA/RU via e-mail letters provided that an e-mail address had been indicated in the application filed. Applicants who have not yet provided an e-mail address in relation to their international application(s), are encouraged to provide such information to the International Bureau in accordance with the recommendations.
Applicants can send a message to ISA/RU,if needed.
All international applications (PCT, Madrid, Hague and Eurasian) are recommended to be submitted via e-services or sent via e-mail addresses: (for PCT and Eurasian applications); (for Madrid applications); (for Hague applications).A PCT application submitted via e-mail is considered to be filed on paper. Communication concerning international applications is organized through the e-mail address indicated in the application.
Exam priority Conducting accelerated examination with regard to applications containing technologies to combat COVID-19.
Teleworking Rospatent headquarters are open, however, the number of employees working at the office has been reduced. Generally, the staff are teleworking and have access to all necessary tools for conducting for search and examination. Electronic services on the websites of Rospatent and Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS) are available for the applicants.
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CGPDTM Extension of timelines /deadlines Timelines/periods as prescribed under the IP Acts and Rules administered by the CGPDTM towards completion of various acts/proceedings, filing of reply/document, payment of fees, etc. in the matters of any IP applications, falling due between the lockdown period are extended.
Public notices Various public notices are being issued from time to time.
On 19th March, 2020 a public notice is issued for: 1. Suspension of all in-person hearings and changing them into Video-conference mode. 2. Condonation of delay as per sub-rule (6) of Rule 6 of the Patents Rules. By Controller in transmitting or resubmitting documents to the Patent Office on a petition for such condonation of delay/extension of time made not later than one month from the date when such COVID.19 outbreak ceased to exist.
Work from home During the first announcement of lockdown in India, and during the period of 25th March to 19th April , 2020 the offices of CGPDTM-India were closed. However during this time, all examiners and controllers were provided application details for work from home. All examiners were also provided necessary tools to carry out search from Home.
Social distancing After the partial opening of the federal offices , social distancing is maintained by allowing presence of only 33 % of officers below the level of Deputy Controller/Deputy Registrar.
Postponement of WIPO-India summer school The WIPO-INDIA summer school, scheduled from June 1-12 is postponed till further notice due to COVID 19.
Postponement of IP innovation gallery The IP innovation Gallery at RGNIIPM Nagpur is postponed till further notice.
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CNIPA Relief measures Notice No. 350
Application scope of Relief.
Providing Patent and IC Layout-design services over internet .
TM application during pandemic prevention and control period .
Information sharing Special column on the official website: Combating the pandemic, we are in action.
Research Report on Patent Information on Fighting Against Novel Corona Virus Pneumonia
Research Report on Traditional Chinese Medicine for Prevention and Treatment for Novel Corona Virus Pneumonia
Research Report on Protective Medical Mask for Novel Corona Virus Pneumonia
Information Sharing Platform for Patents on Pandemic Prevention against COVID-19.
Patent Information Thematic Database for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19.
Online training Free public online training courses during pandemic prevention and control period.
Operation Cooperated with courts to carry out remote litigations for trademark administrative cases.
The CNIPA increased the number of examiners working remotely during pandemic prevention and control period and ensured the stability and efficiency of the examination system through expanding network capacity and other measures.
Office Response measures Content URL
CIPC Public notices In response to COVID-19 , CIPC has issued notices to customers relating to services that are available to the customers during the lockdown period. Notice_for_Certificate.pdf
Essential service certificate CIPC is the issuer of essential service certificates for compliance. Notice_25_of_2020.pdf
Deadlines Deadlines were extended for applications that lapsed during the closure of office during the lockdown period. NOTICE_3_COVID_19_IP_MAY_20.pdf
Customer contact centre The Customer Contact centre has been operating during the period of lockdown to support CIPC customers. Notice_14_of_2020_CIPC_Call_centre_on_corona_virus.pdf
IP filings during lockdown period Emerging from the total lockdown the adjusted level 4 resulted in the CIPC returning to business wef 1 May 2020 while still adhering to the restrictions imposed by the SA Government. The CIPC is therefore now fully operational. Notice_23_of_2020.pdf
Work from home/teleworking In addressing the limitation under level 4, and following the national directives, a third of the CIPC staff have since Monday, 4 May 2020 (1 May was a National Public Holiday) resumed duty, on a rotational basis. Most operations are being moved to teleworking. Based on close monitoring and assessment, easing of further restrictions will be announced incrementally. Internal communique
IP related events and activities Following national regulations, all planned events and public activities have been postponed and will be considered as per appropriate level imposed by the government. Internal communique
Operation Most of the CIPC services are available to the Customers with limitations as third of CIPC staff is working from home/teleworking/rotational work schedules.