Training of Intellectual Property Office Staff and Examiner Exchange

Project Title:Training of Intellectual Property Office Staff and Examiner Exchange

Leading Office:Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent)

Focus on: Examiner exchange programmes; training of IP Offices’ staff; educational projects in the area of IP

Description:Projects under this initiatives currently include joint trainings of patent examiners from BRICS IP Offices organized once per year in the country of the Chair BRICS IP Office (or on the basis of Rospatent, if so required), online IP courses provided by the Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property (RGAIS) and may involve other educational activities for IP Offices’ staff, professionals in the IP field and general public that aim at ensuring continuous exchange of patent examination experience and knowledge in the field of intellectual property within BRICS.

Expected Outcomes:The final goal of the activities under Rospatent’s initiative is to improve understanding between the BRICS IP Offices, develop common approaches to IP and therefore create a favorable environment for mutual foreign filing between the applicants from BRICS countries.