Information Services on IP

Project Title: Information Services on IP

Leading Office: CNIPA

Focus on: Exchange examination related patent information data; exchange IP documentation information for the public; information services on IP.

Description: Within the legal framework of respective country and based on the needs of BRICS countries, this project aims to exchange examination related patent information data and IP documentation information for the public. IP BRICS mechanism on patent information data and IP documentation exchange and sharing will be established in the end. The project will also exchange patent information utilization experiences and best practices on service, and share resources on patent information service to the public by means of seminars, patent information expert exchanges and multi-media training materials sharing.

Expected Outcomes: To realized data sharing among IP BRICS and data redistribution to the general public, so as to enhance the accessibility of related data in BRICS countries. Strengthen the sharing and availability of IP documentation resources in IP BRICS. Promote the dissemination and utilization of IP documentation and enhance the capability and level of patent information service among the five offices.